Let’s transform mobility together for a +sustainable world

We collectivelly build and offer goods and services to accelerate
the transition to a more sustainable mobility

The Challenge

The current mobility model is in crisis. It is increasingly evident that mobility based on the promotion of private vehicles and combustion is generating problems in our cities for the occupation of public space and of congestion and of atmospheric and acoustic contamination that is firmly contributing to aggravating the effects of the climate change. We need a new model of mobility, more environmentally friendly and more efficient.

Who are we and what do we want?

Som Mobilitat is a non-profit consumer cooperative that offers mobility products and services to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable mobility so that we can ensure that we generate an economy at the service of People and not vice versa.

We believe in a mobility model that is committed to promoting walking, cycling and public transport, and if none of the aforementioned methods are available for certain routes, then using shared electric vehicles.

What products and services do we offer?

Our first offered service consists of a rental service of electric cars (car-sharing). These cars can be either owned by the cooperative or by individuals, enterprises and public institutions (p2p). Vehicles can be used by means of accessing a digital platform (using a web-app) that allows you to make reservations, open and close the vehicle.

In addition, we are working to incorporate new sustainable mobility services to the platform, such as bike-sharing, motorbike-sharing or car-pooling and ride-sharing. And our future aim is set on the autonomous vehicle as shared resource.

Working as a network

As we already know, the challenges posed by current mobility take place at the local level but have global responses. For this reason, Som Mobilitat is organized in the territory in local groups to ensure that it is the people of each municipality who promote and adapt the mobility services that we are creating in the realities of each neighborhood, town or city.

At the same time, we are working on a network at European level to share good practices and resources with other sustainable mobility cooperatives to collaboratively face the global challenges of mobility and at the same time to build a social model that is an successful alternative to profit-oriented, private and vertical mobility proposals that are being implemented throughout Europe. In order to do so, we have created the first network of mobility cooperatives in Europe called REScoop Mobility, under the umbrella of the REScoop.eu cooperative federation.


The planet is going through a climate crisis and one of the factors that is causing it is the mobility and transport model based on oil consumption. Today, most of the population lives in cities that are polluted, unhealthy not people-oriented anymore, invaded by private vehicles. The paradigm of owning an individual car -which pollutes, we use very little and takes larges amount of public space the rest of time- has expired. We need a change and it depends on us.

At Som Mobilitat, we envision friendly cities in a friendly world. We understand that the most sustainable trip is the one we don’t make, and, that whenever possible, travel should be done by foot, bike or public transport. We want to go from mobility based on private use of the vehicle towards a mobility where both the vehicle and the journey can be shared, intertwining individuals and groups, in order to build efficient and sustainable transport models. Nowadays, new technologies and advances in alternative mobility approaches make it possible to design a decreasing mobility model, both in the number of vehicles and in CO2 emissions.

Som Mobilitat is a non-profit cooperative. We address all those individuals and groups who want to change their mobility model and are willing to embrace a new model that seeks to strengthen the commons. We think local in order to act global; we share success stories to replicate them throughout the territory. The more we are, the better solutions we can offer. Everyone can help make the change. We must organize ourselves to make it possible. Therefore, we encourage you to join us.

Som Mobilitat was created as a mechanism for changing the model of mobility, but also as a platform to foster collaborative projects and strengthen others already operating.

We will be what our members want us to be, with only one limit: we will always keep the founding values ​​of collective management, sustainability and low CO2 mobility.