Informació d'accés al Pàrquing Mercat Olot


Address Camil Mulleras street, number 17, next to the market place (at 200m from the bus station).


  • Open with parking staff: Monday to Thursday 7h- 21:15h, Friday and Saturday 7h-23:15h. Parking staff is going to help with all you need, also plug-in or plug-out the car to the electric car charger.
  • Open without parking staff: Sunday 10h-21:30h. When closed, get in the parking through the pedestrian door, placed on the market square. First you need to ask the parking staff for a one-time ticket. In case you arrive out of the opening hours, plug-in/out the car following the following instructions.

Incidences: or call +34 621203593 (Sergi Batlle).

Getting in & out of the parking by foot

To get in the parking by foot out of schedule, use the pedestrian door situated on the market square, just in front of Abacus shop.

If you have a single use ticket show it to the reader and push the door.

Getting in & out of the parking with car

The car is situated in the left parking space provided with car electric charger, just in front of the cabin of parking offices.

The subscriber card allows you to go in and out of the parking 24/7 (even when the parking announces that is full). The subscriber card is situated right next to the hand bracket, together with the charging card and the car key.

Once you drive to the exit and you are in front of the exit barrier, place the subscriber card on the machine reader until the message “Pàrquing Mercat li dóna la benvinguda” or “Pàrquing Mercat li desitja bon viatge” comes out.

If the parking is closed (for exemple on Sunday) you just need to place the subscriber card on the machine reader. 

Even with barriers raised, always place the subscriber card to on the machine reader the go in and out of the parking. Otherwise, the next Som Mobilitat user will have problems entering or leaving the parking.


Before switching on the car, if the car is charging, you have to stop the charging process showing the blue electric charging card that you’ll find next to the hand bracket. The charger placed on the wall will switch its light from the blue to green and will allow you to plug-out the cable. To plug-out the electric cable, unlock the car plug with the plug button situated at the left side of steering wheel.  Put the cable in the car boot.

If the car is not charging or plugged when you want to star using the car, just open the car with Som Mobilitat app.

After using the car, park the car in the same space where you found it. Som Mobilitat car’ space is exclusively reserved with a barrier, that should be lift to park the car. After that, plug the car to the charger situated on the parking wall, and ask for the parking staff to start charging process. If you are out of parking schedule, plug the car as well and place the signboard “Cal carregar el cotxe” on the rear glass of the car to be seen when parking staff will be in the job.

Have a good trip!